Choosing Bespoke - How to select the combination of Flavours.

How to select the combination of Flavours.

Select the flavour or combination of flavours that you require, bearing in mind the strength of flavours. The flavour strength is written next to each flavour in the drop-down menu.


These flavours are intense and full bodied, you will require less percentage of these unless they are selected as an individual flavour.

For example. Ice menthol can be chosen on its own with 100% flavour, but if you are looking for a combination with Menthol (high strength) such as blueberry, a low strength flavour, you would choose 80% Blueberry and only 20% Menthol as being a high strength flavour Menthol will be overpowering.


These flavours are rich but not overpowering you would need to select a higher percentage of these if you require this as the prominent flavour.

For example. If you are trying to achieve a Vanilla Late flavour, you would choose Cappuccino (medium strength) between 60-70% and Heavenly Vanilla Custard (high Strength) between 30-40%.


These flavours are mild. You will require a high percentage of these if you want these to be the prominent flavour.

For example, Bluegranate is a low strength flavour you would need to choose 80% of this with strawberry (high strength) at 20% to get an equal amount of flavour.

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