How to choose your bespoke E Liquid?

What PG/VG ratio should I use?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this. It depends on the kind of vaping experience you prefer. Many people use various levels of PG and VG for different purposes:

Throat Hit

If you enjoy a sharp throat hit when vaping then you’ll prefer a high PG vape. The ‘kick’ at the back of the throat, is something many ex-smokers crave, and PG (along with the nicotine) provides more of this than VG. PG carries flavour marginally better than VG, so the flavour will be slightly improved.


High VG fluid tends to give a much smoother feeling on the throat, with a more substantial ‘thicker’ mouthfeel. The flavour is slightly muted in VG fluids, but this can be countered by using more power to produce more vapour. Be careful to stay within the voltage/wattage limits of your atomiser, or you risk dry hits, or even damaging your equipment.

Stealth Vaping

If you want to keep your vaping lowkey in public then high PG is the way to go. Less vapour is produced when exhaled, making this ideal for the less ostentatious vaping enthusiast. However, you should always apply common sense. Vaping in certain places, such as waiting rooms and on public transport, is often outlawed and is simply bad manners. As vaping is relatively new, we have a duty to be aware of public opinion and behave responsibly.


Cloudchasing involves exhaling dense clouds of vapour, the thicker the better. There are even competitive events based around this activity, where the person producing the biggest clouds wins. If this appeals, then high VG is the only option – the higher the better.

How to select the combination of Flavours.

Select the flavour or combination of flavours that you require, bearing in mind the strength of flavours. The flavour strength is written next to each flavour in the drop-down menu.


These flavours are intense and full bodied, you will require less percentage of these unless they are selected as an individual flavour.

For example. Ice menthol can be chosen on its own with 100% flavour, but if you are looking for a combination with Menthol (high strength) such as blueberry, a low strength flavour, you would choose 80% Blueberry and only 20% Menthol as being a high strength flavour Menthol will be overpowering.


These flavours are rich but not overpowering you would need to select a higher percentage of these if you require this as the prominent flavour.

For example. If you are trying to achieve a Vanilla Late flavour, you would choose Cappuccino (medium strength) between 60-70% and Heavenly Vanilla Custard (high Strength) between 30-40%.


These flavours are mild. You will require a high percentage of these if you want these to be the prominent flavour.

For example, Bluegranate is a low strength flavour you would need to choose 80% of this with strawberry (high strength) at 20% to get an equal amount of flavour.

An example of 3 flavour combination

Raspberry (medium strength) 60%, Strawberry (high strength) 20% and Heavenly Vanilla Custard (high strength) 20%. This will achieve a fruity custard flavour were all the flavors are balanced equally. However, if you would like a creamier flavour you would add more custard, between 30-40%.

What is the difference between Steeping and Un-Steeped?


Your E liquid will be made to order and will be steeped for you, once we have steeped your product for 5 days we will ship it to you on day 6.

Please note these products will only be steeped with the combination flavors and your selected VG/PG not with nicotine due to the TPD regulations. Therefore, the product will require further steeping once you have added the ‘Add Nic’.

Un steeped

Your E Liquid is made to order and dispatched without any steeping. You will need to steep the E liquid for a recommended minimum of 5 days. For a guide to steeping please see out Frequently Asked Questions.

Selecting your Nicotine target level

This column shows the 10ml 'Add Nic' bottles you will receive according to the Nicotine level you wish to achieve. 

Nicotine Target Level 15ml 30ml 50ml 100ml
3 mg 1 x 4.5 mg 1 x 9 mg 1 x 13.5 mg 3 x 9 mg
6 mg 1 x 9 mg 1 x 18 mg 2 x 13.5 mg 3 x 18 mg
12 mg 1 x 18 mg 2 x 18 mg 3 x 18 mg 6 x 18 mg
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